“The beautiful English broad with the incomparable soprano and promiscuous vocabulary.”  -  Blake Edwards on Julie Andrews

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Sh*t Comic Book Nerds Say [x]

but… it’s TRUE!!!!!! lol

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What JKR thought whilst writing Harry Potter

  • Oh, James and Lily are a flawless couple? Hm...I'll kill them.
  • ‎Oh, Harry is happy with Sirius as a father figure? Let's kill him.
  • Oh, Dumbledore has been Harry's mentor since he was 11? Haha, lol, let's kill him.
  • Oh, Remus is happy for the first time since James and Lily died? Kill him.
  • Oh, Tonks is happy and has a child at home? Okay, she's DEFINITELY dying.
  • Oh, Dobby is finally free and happy? He doesn't deserve it. Die, Dobby, die.
  • Oh, everyone loves Fred? I'll kill him and drink their tears.
  • Oh, Snape is possibly one of the greatest characters in the book? LOL! DEAD!
ohhhhhhhhhhh this one! <me hice pipi> 

ohhhhhhhhhhh this one! 
<me hice pipi> 

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