the ‘avengers franchise’ cast sort of…
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samuel l jackson, jaimie alexander, stanley tucci, robert downey jr, chris hemsworth, mark ruffalo, tom hiddleston, don cheadle, chris evans, jeremy renner, dominic cooper, kat dennings, natalie portman, scarlett johansson, sam rockwell,tommy lee jones, haley atwell, cobie smulders, sebastian stan, stellan skarsgard, clark gregg, idris elba, gwyneth paltrow, anthony hopkins

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“Avengers Anonymous:

All of them sitting in a circle crying because they’re not really the characters they play. Evans is dressed in a Captain America onesie; Hiddleston with bucket on his head with cardboard horns taped on top; and RDJ wrapped in aluminum foil with glitter on it and a light bulb in the middle of his chest.”

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I do like shawarmas!

<can I go with u, guys?>

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